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We exist to enhance the quality of life for individuals with barriers to participation through access to recreation activities that promote fitness, wellness, and social growth for all ability levels.

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Boccia Practice - TWP

Tuesday, June 13, 2023
2:30 pm4:00 pm
Truman Memorial Building Gymnasium, Independence MO (416 W Maple Ave, Independence, MO 64050)

The Whole Person's Boccia practice is open to anyone with a mobility disability. Athletes will compete seated. No fee, no commitment.
Held every Tuesday, from 2:30-4:00pm through July 25 (not held on Tuesday, July 4).

Sport Classes
For competition purposes, athletes are classified into one of four classes:

BC1 - Players in this class throw the ball with the hand or foot. They may compete with an assistant who stays outside of the competitor’s playing box, to stabilize or adjust their playing chair and give the ball to the player when requested.

BC2 - Players in this class throw the ball with the hand. They are not eligible for assistance.

BC3 - Players in this class have very severe locomotor dysfunction in all four extremities. Players in this class have no sustained grasp or release action and although they may have arm movement, they have insufficient range of movement to propel a Boccia ball onto the court. They may use an assistive device such as a ramp to deliver the ball. They may compete with an assistant; assistants must keep their back to the court and their eyes averted from play.

BC4 - Players in this class have severe locomotor dysfunction of all four extremities as well as poor trunk control. They can demonstrate sufficient dexterity to throw the ball onto the court. Players are not eligible for assistance.

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