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Nourished Together

Nourished Together

Nourished Together is a program run by Breta Alstrom, MS, RN, LD.

In my last year of grad school at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, I took a traineeship for the LEND program. Through this process, I learned about the shift in family dynamics when a child is diagnosed with a disability or other complex health condition. Seeing the strain put on families and the increased neglect that parents face, inspired me to start Eat With B the RD and the Nourished Together Program. 

I am a pediatric trained dietitian, completing a 7 month rotation at Children's Mercy Hospital and an 8 month long stay with the pediatric cystic fibrosis team at the University of Kansas Hospital. My experience has shown me how difficult it is for parents to learn how to feed their children in the first place, no one hands you a manual at childbirth. Adding on complex health needs, many parents can feel stuck and overwhelmed with provider recommendations. 

Using an Integrative and Functional Medicine approach, I work with you to identify the root cause of both you and your child's health complications, while creating an environment where your physical and mental health can thrive. Although we can't "cure" many complex health conditions, we can reduce many complications that negatively impact quality of life for parents and children.

Working with families as a unit just makes sense, we don't exist in isolation. 


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