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Disabled But Not Really

Disabled But Not Really

Disabled But Not Really's mission is to instill in those with disabilities, a physically limitless mindset that breeds courage, confidence, and competence. Our core beliefs are in promoting fitness, providing the opportunity to become productive and self-serving while gaining the knowledge necessary for a living a nutritional lifestyle.

At Disabled But Not Really, we believe that our horizon is only as far as we accept it to be. Our vision is to create an environment where anyone with a disability can find a safe place for growth. We intend to develop facilities where not only our adaptive athletes can learn, grow, and thrive, but their families, spouses, and caregivers can as well.

Our Programs:


Help Me Fit

The Distrikc

“People deserve to know they are more than their circumstances. “ – Wes Hamilton



2540 W Pennway

Kansas City, MO 64108


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