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ASGKC Regional Roundtable

ASGKC Regional Roundtable

The ASGKC Regional Roundtable is an initiative of which is partially supported by a grant from the Health Forward Foundation, awarded to The Whole Person.. Adaptive/accessible sports stakeholders (nonprofit organizations, agencies, and businesses) from throughout the bi-state metro area gather together and are invited to share information and work collaboratively for greater access to sports & recreation for people with all types of disabilities. 

Upcoming meetings will be held on Zoom, or in-person as noted below.

Upcoming remaining dates for 2022 Roundtables: August 24 and December 7, 2022.

Contact Melissa Burns for invitation to join the quarterly meetings.

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable, April 20, 2022

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable, January 20, 2022

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable October 14, 2021

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable April 15, 2021

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable November 12, 2020

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable 7.16.2020

Accessible Sports Regional Roundtable 5-21.2020

Covid Resources from Dr. Mark Fisher

PDF downloads.  He referred to these in the ASRR held on 5/21/2020.

Sharing recreational activities and sports for people of all ages with all types of disabilities

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