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• Event Submission for Citywide Calendar

Event Submission for Citywide Calendar is looking for accessible sporting events in the Greater Kansas City area to post on our Citywide Event Calendar. 

Events submitted, using the form below, will be listed on the general calendar of events, and will also appear on the individual Community Partner page if a page has been set up. All listings will need to be submitted and approved to appear on the website.  Listings will appear within 36 hours of submission (if received M-F).

Note:  AS-GKC reserves the right to exclude calendar listing requests that do not fall under the scope of our mission.  

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Venue Accessibility Checklist - Please complete for your event

This venue checklist enables us to gather information about the location of your event.  Taking care to create an accessible event benefits not only individuals with visible or known disabilities, but also helps to ensure that all participants/attendees, including individuals with non-obvious disabilities and/or chronic health conditions, and people of all ages and body types, are able to fully engage in the program.

*We ask that you complete each field to the best of your ability.

I/we have already completed this checklist for our venue.
Parking (pull down to answer)
Entrance (pull down to answer)
Landing shall measure a minimum of 48” on one side and be clear of obstructions and door swing. Square footage requirement is for landing, not including square footage of access walk or ramp. Landing shall be level, allowing for positive drainage away from entry.
Common Space (pull down to answer)
Restrooms (pull down to answer)
Lighting (pull down to answer)
Acoustics (pull down to answer)

Based on your answers this event is best suited for...

Sharing recreational activities and sports for people of all ages with all types of disabilities

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