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We exist to enhance the quality of life for individuals with barriers to participation through access to recreation activities that promote fitness, wellness, and social growth for all ability levels.

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Beading Circle - Recreation

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
12:00 pm2:00 pm
The Whole Person, 3710 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64111 - Youth Room
plastic fused beads that form a picture of a cat with a blue background and a fish under water

Beading Circle, 3rd Wednesdays, Noon-2pm

Everyone is welcome on 3rd Wednesdays from Noon-2pm in the Youth Room. Join for the entire time or just 15 minutes and give beading a try. GK Callahan and Laura White are back at The Whole Person hosting beading circles again. We will create "quilt squares" using plastic hot melt fuse beads. Materials supplied.

Their group has been offered a show of new and passed “Beaded Quilts” in 2023 at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center. Their hope is that The Whole Person will help create a small quilt for the show, which will hang alongside the Kansas City Beaded Quilt, a ten-foot by nine-foot quilt that is made from 300,000+ colored beads assembled in 2018/2019 during beadings circles held at various non-profits, camps, coffee shops, churches, and meeting rooms around the greater KC metro, including The Whole Person.

The time “beading” is intended to be a fun art activity and give folks time to socialize. For this project, the beading process is as significant as the finished product; the time spent in what we call “beading circles” is a great form of art therapy, storytelling, and communing in a group setting. We have found that making these beaded quilts echoes the relationship to the communal tradition of American quilt making. At the same time, the making process helps to fine-tune the makers’ manual dexterity, improve their hand-eye coordination, memory, and color and shape recognition, including for those who are blind and low vision.

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